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A Good Team Coach

Team Work
What do we Do

1. Host monthly parties for new Owners
2. Give away prizes for monthly award winners for top sales and team players
3. Give out free marketing material, such as t-shirts, banners and store signs for reaching milestones
4. Foster a Competitive Family Environment at all times
5. Foster a collaborative environment that is both mentoring and developmental
6. Always on messenger, and are always interactive
7. Support/Motivate/Encourage everywhere
8.  Celebrate all success
9. Post all success stories on our FB and messenger so send selfie ;)
10. Post all new owners on our website and facebook
11. Post monthly #1 Sales and Team Players
12. Post all weekly leaders in sales and team players
13. Post all weekly schedules, tasks and goals on Google Calendar
14. Track and Post all weekly results showing everyone’s effect rates for getting things done, getting results and getting sales
15. Consulting by coming to your territory and helping you become more successful
16. Being There When Needed Always

Most Important - We are giving you all the chance to build your own success

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