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Competitive Family Environment
“Rooks, Owners and Exp. Owners are under contract to collaborates in a family competitive environment through our social media resources provided through Jerk Snacks. Therefore, it must be done or you will lose your territory.”

Jerk Snacks is family competitive, meaning that though we compete for the top sales, team player and other honors and awards we DO NOT compete in any other way that hinders the success of others. Instead, we work together to help the others, internially, to beat the sales of other snack food companies in each territory through daily success.

How Can We Do This?
Simple, it can be proven in a court, if challenged, internal sales in separate assigned territories that does not take away from other territories selling the same items. However, if a territory is doing poorly in sales then it means something is wrong and it will bring down the sales of the surrounding territories, and further. If the territory is gaining in sales then it will help to increase the sales of the surrounding territories, and more

“If there is bad service, sales and/or bad marketing in one area then it affects us all so we work together”  

Therefore, everyone with Jerk Snacks gives as well as takes advice/methods of marketing and sales that will help to develop the others always. We also share our daily success/failures, encourage/motivate/support the other, share schedules and sales records and engage in positive daily discussions.

“Welcome to the Team”

Christopher B. Brenneman

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