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Important Questions

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Being Successful
“Working Harder at Working Smarter”

After reading the requirements below honestly ask yourself these questions?

1. Money Money Money, DO YOU LOVE MONEY!!!
3. Independance, Do you want to be the Boss of your own future, making what you earn and not what they decide to give you, while working the schedule you make and not what they tell you as you build your own success and NOT success for them
4. Happy, will you be happy working your territory and meeting store owners every day?
5. Healthy, Do you have the physical requirements to do this every day?
6. Self Driven, will you do more then the requirements, for as long as needed, to find success?
7. Time, will you make the time to work your territory every day?
8. Unbreakable, will you meet store owners, more after they say “No” a thousand times, and say hi again?
9. Social, will you go out and talk to people every day?
10. Open, will you be an open and engaging team player, giving and taking advice as we grow our daily success?  
“I will try means NO, and you will fail. You Must DO to be successful.”

If you said yes to all, “WELCOME TO THE TEAM
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