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Jerk Snacks Reward Card/Jerk Cards
Come free with the purchase of a starter kit

Jerk Snacks Reward Cards, "Jerk Cards", are for the sole porpuse of marketing ONLY. They are to be given away, FREE, as marked on the cards, to anyone who purchases Jerk Snacks. It helps to bring back more sales, for your store as well as our company, REWARD CARD. Therefore, anyone who sales this card is acting in violation of the laws of the Philippines, and will be subjeted to CRIMINAL and CIVIL Suits.

Card Rules
- the card can only be signed/is valid at the store who gave it to the cutomer
- the customer will present the card to be signed with the purcahse of any Jerk Snacks
- the store will sign one box for every Jerk Snacks package purchased, so 3 packages purchased at one time is 3 signed boxes signed at one time
- after 11 signed boxes the store gives one free package of Jerk Snacks, any flavor

The card brings that cutomer back to your store 11 times ;)

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