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"The key to all success is to fail so many times it hurts, and bad, but to get up and keep going anway knowing one day your success will arrive"

1. Self-Driven, the burning passion inside to be more, to do more, to earn more and to be more successful
2. Committed, always working your territory, with a smile, even in rain, winds, hot, cold, tired, stressed and/or whatever life may bring
3. Unbreakable, hearing 1,000 no’s while being emotionally and mentally strong enough to keep going for another 1,000 no’s, and MORE, if need be
4. Interpersonal, the ability to build long term relationships with your clients
5. Team Player, to always turn in your weekly schedules, goals and numbers each week. It is to also always be on messenger and our FB sharing our success, defeats, getting advice, giving advice, ideas and more every day
6. Family Completive, to always compete with the other Rooks/Owners for the best of sales while being a team player working together with those same Rooks/Owners to smash all other outside snack food businesses
7. Understanding, deeply knowing that if you do not do all of these every day YOU WILL FAIL
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