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Sale's Methodology

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Sales Methodology
“We use the professional family friendly approach”

1. SMILE, no matter how bad your day is take in a deep breath and SMILE before going to say hi to your clients. I can’t stress how important this really is, and how much of a difference it will make in your sales
2. NEVER EVER LIE and/or give false information about anything to any client at anytime for any reason. More, if you don't know something, “Be Honest”, tell them you don't know but you will get them the correct answer, then do exactly that
3. NEVER EVER TAKE ANYTHING that is not yours
4. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PROMISES and/or never promise something that is not true and/or you can’t do. I will try or I will see are perfect words.
5. TREAT EVERYONE LIKE FAMILY, more the ones that tell you “No”. A yes is great and you want to be family friendly with them, but they do not need a lot of your time because they will buy from you as long as the product sells, kinda easy. But your no’s need a lot of attention to win them over through your weekly visits
6. NEVER DISCUSS politics, religion, relationships, sex, equality and/or personal money with your clients at anytime. Many people take these topics very personally and if you say the wrong thing, thinking it is the right thing, you could easily upset a client for life, meaning they may never want to talk to you again. So even if they start the topic, simply smile and change the topic   
7. NEVER TALK ABOUT NEGATIVE THINGS, you want them to see you as a happy, positive, hard working professional person who does what is promised at all times. Remember, people can judge very easily so do not do anything to harm your image, it is who you are
8. NEVER GIVE PERSONAL ADVISE, you can be held liable legally if anything goes wrong, more you can lose a client. So professional advice related to your business only, always
9. DO NOT MIX BUSINESS AND PLESSURE, even if it is the client’s requests
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